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Current List of Crude_Oil_Refineries Resources

CNPC Soralchin Adrar Refinery Algeria
Sonatrach Algiers Refinery Algeria
Sonatrach Arzew Refinery Algeria
Sonatrach Hassi Messaoud Refinery Algeria
Sonatrach Skikda Refinery Algeria
Petrofina Luanda Refinery Angola
Esso(ExxonMobil) Campana Refinery Argentina
Repsol YPF la Plata Refinery Argentina
Repsol YPF Lujan de Cuyo Refinery Argentina
Repsol YPF Plaza Huincul Refinery Argentina
Refinor Campo Duran Refinery Argentina
Refisan S.A. San Lorenzo Refinery Argentina
Valero Aruba Refinery Aruba
Caltex Kurnell Refinery
Shell Clyde Refinery
BP Bulwer Island Refinery
Caltex Lytton Refinery
ExxonMobil Port Stanvac Refinery
ExxonMobil Altona Refinery
Shell Geelong Refinery
BP Kwinana Refinery
OMV Schwechat Refinery
SOCAR Azerineftyag Refinery
SOCAR Haydar Aliev Refinery
Petrobangla Chittagong Refinery
Slavneft Mozyr Refinery
Vitol Antwerp N.V. Refinery
Total Antwerp Refinery Belgium
Petroplus BRC Antwerp Refinery Belgium
ExxonMobil Antwerp Refinery Belgium
Refisur SA. Carlos Montenegro Sucre Refinery
Petrobras Gualberto Villarael Cochabamba Refinery
Petrobras Guillermo Elder Bell Santa Cruz Refinery Bolivia
Petrobras REMAN (Issac Sabba) Manaus Refinery
Petrobras RLAM (Landulpho Alves) Sao Francisco do Conde Refinery
Petrobras LUBNOR Fortaleza Refinery
Petrobras REGAP (Gabriel Passos) Betim Refinery
Petrobras REPAR (Pres. Getulio Vargas) Araucaria Refinery
Grupo Peixoto de Castro/Repsol-YPF Manguinhos Refinery
Petrobras REDUC (Duque de Caxias) Refinery
Ipiranga Pelotas Refinery
Petrobras REFAP (Alberto Pasqualini) Canoas Refinery
Petrobras RECAP (Capuava) Maua Refinery
Petrobras REPLAN Paulinia Refinery
Petrobras REVAP (Henrique Lage) Sao Jose dos Campos Refinery
Petrobras RPBC (Pres. Bernardes) Cubatao Refinery
BSP Brunei Refinery
LUKEOIL Neftokhim Burgas Refinery Bulgaria
SONARA Limbe Refinery Cameroon
Imperial Oil Strathcona Refinery
Petro Canada Edmonton Refinery
Shell Scotford Refinery
Chevron Burnaby Refinery
Husky Prince George Refinery
Irving Oil Limited Refinery
North Atlantic Refining Come by Chance Refinery
Imperial Oil Dartmouth Refinery
Imperial Oil Nanticoke Refinery
Imperial Oil Sarnia Refinery
Shell Corunna Refinery
Sunoco Sarnia Refinery
Petro Canada Montreal Refinery
Shell MontrÃ?al East Refinery
Ultramar(Valero) Jean-Gaulin Refinery
Husky Lloydminster Refinery
Empresa Nacional de Petroleo Concon Refinery
Empresa Nacional de Petroleo Bio-Bio Refinery
Empresa Nacional de Petroleo Gregorio Refinery
SINOPEC Anqing Company Refinery
SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Lanzhou Refinery
SINOPEC CPCC Guangzhou Branch Refinery
SINOPEC Maoming Company Refinery
SINOPEC Beihai Company Refinery
SINOPEC Cangzhou Company Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Daqing Petrochemical Refinery
SINOPEC Luoyang Company
SINOPEC Jingmen Company
SINOPEC Wuhan Company Refinery
SINOPEC CPCC Changling Company Refinery
SINOPEC Jinling Company Refinery
SINOPEC Jiujiang Company Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Jilin Chemical Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Dalian Petrochemical Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Fushun Petrochemical Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Jinxi Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Jinzhou Petrochemical Refinery
WEPEC Dalain Refinery
SINOPEC Jinan Company
SINOPEC Qilu Company Refinery
SINOPEC Shanghai Gaoqiao Oil Refinery
SINOPEC Tianjin Company Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Dushanzi Refinery
CNCP (PetroChina) Urumqi Petrochemical
SINOPEC Zhenhai Refinery
Ecopetrol Cartagena Refinery
Ecopetrol Barrancabaermeja-Santander Refinery
CORAF Pointe Noire Refinery Congo
Recope Puerto LimÃ?n Refinery
SMB Abidjan Refinery
INA Group Rijeka Refinery Croatia
INA Group Sisak Refinery Croatia
Cupet Cienfuegos Refinery
Cupet Nico Lopez Refinery
Cupet Hermanos Diaz Refinery
PARAMO Pardubice Refinery Czech
Ceska Rafinerska Kralupy Refinery
Ceska Rafinerska Litvinov Refinery
SHELL Fredericia Refinery Denmark
StatOil Kalundborg Refinery
Cairo Petroleum Refining Company Tanta Refinery
Alexandria Petroleum Company Amerya Refinery
Alexandria Petroleum Company El Mex Refinery
MIDOR Alexandria Refinery
Cairo Petroleum Refining Company Mostorod Refinery
El Suez Refining Company Suez Refinery
El-Nasr Petroleum Company Suez Refinery
Assyout Petroleum Company Asyut Refinery
El Nasr Refining Wadi Feiran Refinery
ExxonMobil Acajutla Refinery Argentina
Fortum Oyj Porvoo Refinery
Fortum Oyj Naantali Refinery
Shell Reichstett Refinery
BP Lavera Marseilles Refinery
ExxonMobil Fos-sur-Mer Refinery
Shell Berre L'Etang Refinery
Total Provence Marseilles Refinery
Total Donges Refinery
Total Flandres Mardyck Refinery France
Total Feyzin Refinery
Total Grandpuits Refinery
ExxonMobil Port JÃ?rÃ?me-Gravenchon Refinery
Total Gonfreville l'Orcher Refinery
Total/Shell/Agip Sogara Refinery
Shell/ExxonMobil/Ruhr Oel/Conoco Karlsruhe Refinery
Bayernoil Ingolstadt Refinery
ExxonMobile Ingolstadt Refinery
OMV Burghausen Refinery
PCK Raffinerie GmbH Schwedt Refinery
Shell Elbe MineralÃ?lwerke Hamburg-Harburg Refinery
Tamoil Holborn Hamburg Refinery
Louis Dreyfus Group Wilhelmshaven Refinery
Ruhr Oel (BP/PDVSA) Emsland Lingen Refinery
Ruhr Oel (BP/PDVSA) Gelsenkirchen Horst Refinery
Shell Rheinland Werk Godorf Cologne Refinery
Dow Chemical Buna SOW Leuna Refinery
TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland Spergau Refinery
Shell ErdÃ?lwerk Holstein Heide Refinery
TORC Tema Refinery
Hellenic Petroleum Aspropyrgos Refinery Greece
Hellenic Petroleum Elefsina Refinery
Motor Oil Hellas Corinth Refinery
Hellenic Petroleum Thessaloniki Refinery
Mol Szazhalombatta Refinery
HPCL Visakhapatnam Refinery India
IOCL Bongaigaon Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd. (BRPL)
IOCL Digboi Refinery
IOCL Guwahati Refinery
BPCL Numaligarh Refinery Ltd (NRL) India
IOCL Barauni Refinery
Essar Oil Refinery India
IOCL Gujarat Koyali Refinery
RPL (Reliance Petroleum Limited) Jamnagar Refinery India
IOCL Panipat Refinery
MRPL (Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd.) Refinery India
BPCL Kochi Refineries Ltd (KRL)
Bharat Oman Refinery (BORL) India
BPCL Mumbai Refinery
HPCL Mumbai Refinery
ONGC Uran Refinery
CPCL (Chennai Petroleum Corporation) Manali Refinery India
CPCL (Chennai Petroleum Corporation) Nagapattinam Refinery India
IOCL Mathura Refinery
IOCL Haldia Refinery
Pertamina Musi Refinery
Pertamina Balongan Refinery
Pertamina Cilacap Refinery
Pertamina Balikpapan Refinery
Pertamina Dumai Refinery
Pertamina Sungai Pakning Refinery
INOC Haditha Refinery????
INOC Basrah Refinery
INOC Samawah Refinery????
INOC Kirkuk Refinery
INOC Daurah Refinery
INOC Khanaqin/Alwand Refinery????
INOC Baiji North Refinery
INOC Baiji Salahedden Refinery????
ConocoPhillips Whitegate Refinery Ireland
NIOC Shiraz Refinery
NIOC Tabriz Refinery
NIOC Abadan Refinery
NIOC Arak Refinery
NIOC Isfahan Refinery
Oil Refineries Ltd Ashdod Refinery
Oil Refineries Ltd Ashqelon Refinery
API Falconara Marittima Ancona Oil Refinery Italy
Saras SPA Sarroch Oil Refinery Italy
ENI Gela Oil Refinery Italy
Tamoil Cremona Oil Refinery Italy
Iplom Busalla Oil Refinery Italy
ENI Livorno Oil Refinery Italy
Italiana Energia Servizi (IES) Mantua Oil Refinery Italy
ENI/Kuwait Petro Milazzo Oil Refinery Italy
ExxonMobil/Erg Trecate Oil Refinery Italy
ENI Sannazzaro de Burgondi Oil Refinery Italy
Total/ERG Rome Oil Refinery Italy
ExxonMobil Augusta Oil Refinery Italy
ISAB ERG Impianti Nord Oil Refinery Italy
ISAB ERG Impianti Sud Oil Refinery Italy
ENI Taranto Oil Refinery Italy
ENI Porto Marghera Oil Refinery Italy
NPRC Mizushima Refinery
ExxonMobil Sakai Refinery
NPRC Muroran Refinery
Cosmo Oil Cosmo Refinery
ExxonMobil Chiba Refinery
Kyokuto Petroleum Ichihara Refinery
Showa Yokkaichi Refinery
ExxonMobil Kawasaki Refinery
NPRC Negishi Refinery
NPRC Yokohama Refinery
Tonen Corp Kawasaki Refinery
ExxonMobil Wakayama Refinery
ExxonMobil Okinawa Refinery
NPRC Sendai Refinery
Tohoku Oil Co Sendai Complex Refinery
Kazmunaigaz Atyrau Refinery
Kazmunaigaz Pavlodar Refinery
Kazmunaigaz Shymkent Refinery
Kenya Petroleum Mombasa Refinery
KNPC Mina Abdullah Refinery
KNPC Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
KNPC Shuaiba Refinery
NOC El-Brega Refinery
NOC Zawia Refinery
NOC Ras Lanuf Refinery
Mazeikiu Nafta Butinge Refinery
Petronas Conoco Melaka II Refinery
Petronas Melaka I Refinery
Esso Port Dickson Refinery
Shell Port Dickson Refinery
Shell Lutong Refinery
Petronas Kertih Refinery
Pemex Minatitlan Refinery
Pemex Salamanca Refinery
Pemex Tula Refinery
Pemex Cadereyta Refinery
Pemex Ciudad Madero Refinery
Corral Holdings Samir Sidi Kacem Refinery
Corral Holdings Samir Mohammedia Refinery
ExxonMobil Antwerp Refinery
Total/DOW Chemical Vlissingen Refinery
BP ChevronTexaco Nerefco Refinery
ExxonMobil Rotterdam Refinery
PDVSA Refineria Isla Curacao Refinery
New Zealand Refining Company Marsden Point Refinery
ExxonMobil Managua Refinery
WRPG Warri Refinery
KRPC Kaduna Refinery
PHRC Port Harcourt Refinery
Statoil Mongstad Crude Oil Refiery Norway
ExxonMobil Slagen Refinery Norway
PARCO Mid Country (Kot Addu) Refinery Pakistan
Bosicor Pakistan Limited Karachi Refinery
Villa Elisa (Petropar) Refinery Paraguay
Repsol YPF la Pampilla Refinery
Petron Limay Refinery
Caltex(Chevron) Batangas Refinery
Shell Tabangao Batangas Refinery
Rafineria Trzebinia Refinery
Mazovian Refinery & Petrochemical Works Plock Refinery
Lotos Gdansk Refinery
Lotos Czechowice Refinery
Galp Energia Porto Refinery
Galp Energia Sines Refinery
NODCO Um Said Refinery
Chinese Petroleum Corporation Kaohsiung Refinery
Chinese Petroleum Corporation Talin Refinery
Chinese Petroleum Corporation Taoyuan Refinery
Formosa Mailiao Refinery
Hanwha Energy Incheon Refinery
Hyundai Incheon Oil Refinery
LG-Caltex(Chevron) Yosu Refinery
S-Oil Ulsan Refinery
SK Corp Ulsan Refinery
Hellenic OKTA Skopje Refinery
Petrom/OMV Arpechim Pitesti Refinery
Petrotel-LUKOIL Pitesti Refinery
Rompetrol Petromidia Refinery
Petrom/OMV Petrobrazi Ploiesti Refinery
Rompetrol Vega Ploiesti Refinery
Bashneft Novo-Ufa Refinery
Bashneft Salavatnefteorgsintez Refinery
Bashneft Ufaneftekhim Refinery
Yukos OAO Angarsk Petrochemical Refinery
TNK-BPL Nizhnevartovsk Refinery
LUKOIL Ukhta Refinery
Yukos OAO Achinsk Refinery
Surgutneftegas Kirishi Refinery
Sibneft/Central Fuel Company Moscow Refinery
LUKOIL Nizhny Novgorod Refinery
Yukos OAO Kuibyshev Oil Refinery
Sibneft Omsk Refinery
TNK-BP Orsk Refinery
LUKOIL Perm Refinery
TNK-BP Ryazan Refinery
Yukos OAO Novokuibyshevsk Refinery
Yukos OAO Syzran Refinery
TNK-BPL Saratov Refinery
Yukos OAO Strezhevoy Refinery
LUKOIL Volgograd Refinery
Slavneft YaNOS Yaroslavl Refinery
Saudi Aramco Yanbu Refinery
Saudi Aramco/ExxonMobil Yanbu Refinery
Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery
AOC Khafji Refinery Saudi Arabia
Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery
Saudi Aramco/Shell Jubail Refinery
Rabigh Saudi Aramco Refinery
Saudi Aramco Jiddah Refinery
ExxonMobil Singapore Refinery
Shell Eastern Petroleum Singapore Pulau Bukom Refinery
Singapore Refining Corporation Refinery
Mol Slovnaft Bratislava Refinery
Sasol/Total Natref Sasolburg Refinery
Petronas Durban Refinery
Shell BP Sapref Durban Refinery
Caltex(ChevronTexaco) Capetown Refinery
CEPSA Gibraltar Refinery
CEPSA Palos de la Frontera La R·bida Refinery
Repsol YPF Bilbao Refinery
CEPSA Tenerife Refinery
Repsol YPF Puertollano Refinery
Repsol YPF Tarragona Refinery
Repsol YPF a Coruna Refinery
Repsol YPF Cartagena Refinery
CNPC El Gily Refinery????
CNPC Khartoum Refinery
CNPC El Obeid Refinery
CNPC Port Sudan Refinery
Nyn0 s Petroleum Nynaeshamn Refinery
Preem Petroleum Gothenburg Refinery
Preem Petroleum Lysekil Refinery
Petroplus Cressier Refinery
Tamoil Colleombery-Muraz Refinery
ExxonMobil Sriracha Refinery
Thai Oil Co Sriracha Refinery
Chevron Star Petroleum Map Ta Phut Refinery Thailand
Shell Rayong Refinery
Petrotrin Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery
SociÃ?tÃ? Tunisienne des Industries de Raffinage Bizerte Refinery
Tupras Kirikkale (Central Anatolian) Oil Refinery Turkey
Tupras Batman Oil Refinery Turkey
STAR Aliaga Oil RefineryTurkey
Tupras Izmir Oil Refinery Turkey
Tupras Izmit Refinery Turkey
Ukrtransneft Neftekhimik Prikarpatya Nadvirna Refinery
Allianz Oil Kherson Refinery
TNK-BP LINOS Lisichansk Refinery
Ukrtransneft Drogobych Refinery
LUKOIL Odessa Refinery
Ukrtatnafta Kremenchuk Refinery
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Umm Al-Narr Refinery
Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company Al-Ruwais Refinery
Sharjah Oil Refinery
ENOC Jebel Ali Refinery UAE
Metro Oil Fujairah Refinery
Shell Stanlow Refinery
BP Coryton Refinery
Esso Fawley Southampton Refinery UK
Petroplus Port Clarence Refinery
ConocoPhillips Humber Refinery
Total Lindsey Oil Refinery
ChevronTexaco Pembroke Refinery
TotalFinaElf/Murco Milford Haven Refinery
BP Grangemouth Refinery
Hunt Refining Co Tuscaloosa Refinery
Shell Chemical LP Saraland Refinery
Trigeant EP LTD Mobile Refinery
BP Prudhoe Bay Refinery
ConocoPhillips Kuparuk Refinery
Flint Hills Resources North Pole Refinery
Petro Star North Pole Refinery
Petro Star Valdez Refinery
Tesoro Kenai Refinery
Lion Oil Co El Dorado Refinery
BP West Coast Products Refinery
Chevron El Segundo Refinery
Chevron Richmond Refinery
ConocoPhillips Rodeo San Francisco Refinery
ConocoPhillips Santa Maria Refinery
ConocoPhillips Wilmington Refinery
Edgington Oil Company Long Beach Refinery
ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery
Kern Oil & Refining Company Bakersfield Refinery
Paramount Petroleum Corporation Refinery
Shell Oil Martinez Refinery
Shell Oil Wilmington Refinery
Tesoro Golden Eagle Martinez Refinery
Valero Benicia Refinery
Valero Wilmington Refinery
Colorado Refining Co Commerce City Refinery
Suncor Energy Commerce City Refinery
Premcore Refining Group Inc Delaware Refinery
Citgo Savannah Refinery
Chevron Kapolei Refinery
Tesoro Ewa Beach Refinery
ConocoPhillips Wood River Refinery
ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Robinson Refinery
PDV Midwest Refining LLC Lemont Refinery
BP Whiting Refinery
Countrymark Cooperative Inc Mount Vernon Refinery
Coffeyville Resources Refinery
Frontier Refining and Marketing Inc El Dorado Refinery
NCRA McPherson Refinery
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Catlettsburg Refinery
Calcasieu Refining Co Lake Charles Refinery
Calumet Shreveport. LLC Refinery
Chalmette Refining LLC Refinery
Citgo Petroleum Corp Lake Charles Refinery
ConocoPhillips Alliance (Belle Chasse) Oil Refinery LA USA
ConocoPhillips Westlake Refinery
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Garyville Refinery
Motiva Enterprises LLC Convent Refinery
Motiva Enterprises LLC Norco Refinery
Murphy Oil U.S.A. Inc Meraux Refinery
Placid Refining Co. Port Allen Refinery
Shell Chem LP Saint Rose Refinery
Valero Refining Co. Krotz Springs Refinery
Valero Saint Charles Oil Refinery LA USA
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Detroit Refinery
Flint Hills Resources LP Saint Paul Refinery
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Saint Paul Park Refinery
Chevron Pascagoula Refinery
Ergon Refining Inc. Vicksburg Refinery
Hunt Southland Refining Company USA
Cenex Harvest States Coop Refinery
ConocoPhillips Billings Refinery
ExxonMobil Billings Refinery
Montana Refining Co Refinery
Chevron USA Inc Refinery
Citgo Paulsboro Refinery
ConocoPhillips Linden Refinery
Sunoco Westville Refinery
PBF Paulsboro Refinery NJ USA
Giant Industries Inc Bloomfield Refinery
Giant Industries Inc Ciniza Gallup Refinery
Navajo Refining Co Artesia Refinery
Tesoro Mandan Refinery
BP Toledo Refinery
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Canton Refinery
Premcor Refining Group Inc Lima Refinery
Sunoco Toledo Refinery
ConocoPhillips Ponca City Refinery
Sinclair Oil Corp Tulsa Refinery
Sunoco Inc Tulsa Refinery
TPI Petro Inc Ardmore Refinery
Wynnewood Refining Co Refinery
ConocoPhillips Trainer Refinery
Sunoco Marcus Hook Refinery
Sunoco Philadelphia Refinery
United Refining Co Warren Refinery
Premcor Refining Group Inc Memphis Refinery
Alon USA LP Big Spring Refinery
BP Texas City Refinery
Citgo Corpus Christi Refinery
ConocoPhillips Borger Refinery
ConocoPhillips Sweeny Refinery
Crown Central Petroleum Corp Refinery
Deer Park Refining LTD Ptnrshp Refinery
ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery USA
ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery
Flint Hills Resources LP Refinery
La Gloria Oil & Gas Co Refinery
Lyondell Citgo Refining Houston Refinery
Marathon Ashland Petroeum LLC Texas City Refinery
Motiva Enterprises LLC Port Arthur Refinery
Premcor Refining Group Inc Port Arthur Refinery
Total Petrochemicals Inc Port Arthur Refinery
Valero Energy Corp Sunray Refinery
Valero Energy Corp Three Rivers Refinery
Valero Refining Co Corpus Christi West Refinery
Valero Refining Co Houston Refinery
Valero Refining Co Texas City Refinery
Valero Refining Corpus Christi East Plant
Valero Refining Port Arthur Refinery
Western Refining Co El Paso Refinery
Big West Oil Co North Salt Lake Refinery
Chevron USA Inc Salt Lake Refinery
Holly Corp. Woods Cross Refinery
Silver Eagle Woods Cross Refinery
Tesoro West Coast Salt Lake Refinery
Giant Yorktown Refinery
BP Amoco Cherry Point Refinery
Conoco Philips Ferndale Refinery
Shell Anacortes Refinery
Tesoro Anacortes Refinery
U.S. Oil and Refining Tacoma
Ergon West Virginia Inc Refinery
Calumet Superior Oil Refinery WI USA
Frontier Refining Inc Cheyenne Refinery
Little America Refining Co Evensville Refinery
Sinclair Oil Casper Refinery
Sinclair Oil Sinclair Refinery
Wyoming Refining Co Newcastle Refinery
PDVSA Puerto la Cruz/El Chaure Refinery
PDVSA El Palito Refinery
PDVSA Amuay Refinery
PDVSA Cardon Refinery
Saint Croix