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MRCSP Large-Volume Injection: TAME Site United States is located at Please Select. Location coordinates are: Latitude= 38.903526, Longitude= -84.8489746. This infrastructure is of TYPE CO2_Storage and CATEGORY Fuels and Resources. . It is operated by Battelle Memorial Institute.

Identifiers for CO2 Storage

CCS Project Name
Status of Project
Project Efficiency and Impact
Project Overall Rating State-of-the-artWorth DuplicatingEnvironmentally Responsible
Country Assigned Identification Number
GEO Assigned Identification Number
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Model Plume Extent of Injected CO2

1-D reduced models to estimate radius of extent after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years

Viscosity of Brine (Pa-s) Ratio of Viscosity of CO2/Brine Thickness of Formation (m) Injection Rate (cubic meter/day) Porosity


Sequestration Reservoir Location On/Off Shore
CCS Project Type Describe
CO2 Generating Industry/Plant Name Feedstock
CO2 Generating Plant Capacity Units Type Plant Status
Project Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Duration of Injection Plant History
CO2 Project Viability and Status Describe
Type of Reservoir Describe
CO2 Separation Technology Separation Stage
Injection Amount Units Type
Estimated Storage Capacity (Million tonnes)
Average Yearly CO2 Captured (Million Tonnes) Stored
Distance of Reservoir From Closest CO2 Source By Total Sources Served
CO2 Piped From IGCC Power PlantThermal Power Plant Post CombustionNatural Gas Turbine Post CombustionNatural Gas Processing PlantOil RefineryIron/Steel MillPetrochemical IndustryOther Heavy IndustryCO2 Capture Plant
Short Description of Stakeholders
Economic Incentives
Number Of Injection Wells
Drilling Technology
Method of Injection
Capital Cost Of CO2Site and/or In US Dollars In Year (YYYY)

Unit Information

Unit # Reservoir Name Date Commissioned (yyyy-mm-dd) Decommission Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Storage Rate (Tonnes/Day) Storage Potential (Million Tonnes) Design Lifetime (years) Geological Formation Depth Below Surface (m) Risk Guaranteed by

Environmental Issues

Issue 1 Description

Past and Future Major Upgrades

Upgrade 1 Cost Year -

Owner and Operator Information

Owner 1 % Share
Type of Ownership
Construction/EPC Contractor
CCS RandD Institutions
Operating Company
Regulatory Authority
Project Financed By

Annual Performance


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* USA: All data under GWh generated in Performance Table is Net Generation (total-consumed by plant)