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GEO data for emissions from power plants is viewable at 2004-2009 data are obtained from Environment Canada. Earlier data for Ontario are from annual reports of Ontario Power.
EDGAR dataset is from: EDGAR_v41_CO2_2005_IPCC_1A1_ENE.txt retrieved from on 3/2/2011
CARMA dataset is from: downloaded on 3/2/2011.

Comments on Comparison:

GEO Data: Most power plants are geolocated so we use GEO values for the reference coordinates
GEO Data: Does not include N2O and CH4 emissions in calculating effective CO2 emissions as these data were not included in the CARMA or EDGAR data.
GEO Projection: Two estimates are provided for 2011. (i) median of existing data shown in the table. (ii) Extrapolation using a linear regression fit.
EDGAR Data: Includes "all industrial" emissions from a 0.1° x 0.1° coordinate grid cell. We use their convention of locating the reference coordinate point at the lower left corner of the grid cell. In addition to data from the cell matching GEO coordinates, we list emission data from EDGAR for the 8 surrounding cells since we did not find a correlation with data in GEO.
CARMA Data: Gives estimates of emissions from power plants for 3 time periods: 2000, 2007, and an unspecified "next decade" which we label CARMA 2015. Data were matched with GEO by plant name and not location.
GEO and CARMA Comparison: Emissions data should match as both data sets include emissions only from power plants.
GEO and EDGAR Comparison: GEO estimates should be smaller than EDGAR since EDGAR data are an aggregate over all industrial sources. The two sets of data do not match geo-spatially or in value

Visualize GEO Data:

CO2 emissions (tonnes) from Power Plants in Canada

Comparison of GEO data with EDGAR (2005) and CARMA (2007) data

Coal Power Plants CO2 Emitted (Tonnes/Year)

Plant NameData in GEOGEO Projection for 2011Data in CARMAEDGAR Data with values for 8 surrounding 0.1° x 0.1° grid cells for Year 2005
20002001200220032004200520062007200820092010MedianLinear ExtrapolationCARMA 2000CARMA 2007CARMA 2015At GEO CoordinatesTop leftLeftBottom LeftTopBottomTop RightRightBottom Right
Boundary Dam Coal Power Station Canada
Coordinates: 49.096, -103.031
Design Capacity: 813 (MWe)
Atikokan Coal Generating Station Canada
Coordinates: 48.838, -91.571
Design Capacity: 230 (MWe)
Battle River Coal Generating Station Canada
Coordinates: 52.468, -112.134
Design Capacity: 670 (MWe)
Belledune Coal Generating Station Canada
Coordinates: 47.904, -65.865
Design Capacity: 450 (MWe)
Brandon Coal Power Plant Canada
Coordinates: 49.845, -99.89
Design Capacity: 105 (MWe)
Genesee Coal Generating Station Canada
Coordinates: 53.344, -114.304
Design Capacity: 1310 (MWe)
Grand Lake Coal Generating Station Canada (Shutdown)
Coordinates: 46.057, -66.005
Design Capacity: 57 (MWe)
H.R.Milner Coal Generating Station Canada
Coordinates: 54.007, -119.104
Design Capacity: 150 (MWe)
Lakeview Coal Power Plant Canada (Shutdown)
Coordinates: 43.572, -79.55
Design Capacity: (MWe)
Lambton Coal Generating Station Canada
Coordinates: 42.797, -82.469
Design Capacity: 1050 (MWe)
Lingan Coal Generating Station, Canada
Coordinates: 46.236, -60.04
Design Capacity: 600 (MWe)